I'm Casey.


Casey Thompson

Founder, Offsider & Company

Welcome to my creative space. 

This home for my imagination has been a long time in the making. It began in 2013 — my sophomore year of college — back when I was still a biology major. Gotta say, I was not the best lab partner. 

Fast forward a few mistakes, and here I am. I like to think I have things a little more figured out now, and these days I get to create whenever an idea strikes. My mind's eye is wild with inspiration, whether it's a new take on the old cocktail napkin, or apparel basics that make casual feel classy. I love all-things-home, and building on the joys of being in it. 

My passion for visual communication has led me to a career in marketing. Opportunity has knocked, and I've been fortunate to begin taking on freelance design projects for local businesses as well. I look for industry best practices in unexpected places, and will devour a good mood board, magazine article, or color scheme late into the night. 

Long story short, thanks for visiting. I hope you're intrigued by what you see, or at least entertained. If you'd like to work together — well I'd love that even more. 

Cheers to beauty, inside and out.


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